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GHS Wash Bottles 506485 and 506495 Series
Plastic Wash Bottles

In stock and ready to ship, Dynalon Labware offers a variety of LDPE plastic wash bottles from GHS compliant multi-lingual printed plastic wash bottles to numerous color coded and integral plastic wash bottles. Only polypropylene wash bottles can be autoclaved. Multilingual wide mouth GHS wash bottles featuring the patented DripLok® vapor venting valve that prevents solvent drips.

Plastic wash bottles are available printed or blank in capacities from 250 to 1000mL. Azlon offers a new autoclavable wash bottle and Kartell makes a series of color coded graduated wash bottles. Wash bottles are normally in stock and ready to ship from our Rochester, NY warehouse.

Sale Wash Bottles
Azlon Integral Wash Bottles
Needle spray wash bottle
Wash bottle with 2 tubes
GHS Pictogram Labels
Kartell Color Coded Graduated Wash Bottles
Multilingual Methyl Ethyl Ketone Wash Bottles
Azlon Autoclavable Wash Bottle
Azlon Plastic Tracker Wash Bottle
Biological Stain Bottle Kit
Wide Mouth Plastic Wash Bottle
Azlon Narrow Mouth Wash Bottles
Printed Sloping Shoulder Wash
Azlon Sloping Shoulder Plastic Wash Bottle
Kartell Integral Style Wash Bottles
Azlon Integral Style Plastic Wash Bottle