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Sampling Techniques
Sampling Apparatus and Techniques

Multilayer sample

A sample is taken through all material layers to provide a representative cross-section.

Targeted sample
A targeted sample is taken from a pre-determined point. This is done to determine the material state precisely at this point or several targeted samples are taken over a larger area or in a large volume container. All target-point samples averaged together provide a representative cross-section of the material content.

Completion of the sampling procedure
After the sample has been withdrawn, the sample must be packed for transport. Clean sampling containers connected directly to the sampling equipment – without intermediaries –are ideal. The sample has no contact with the outside environment and is packed for transport at the same time. The same conditions relating to the sampling equipment apply to packaging, storage, and transport. Here too you should pay attention to the cleanliness of the packaging material and the risk of contamination from escaping substances. The containers are then labeled and taken to a laboratory – if necessary in coolers. Coolers with temperature monitors are ideal, to ensure that peak storage temperature is maintained.

If you take samples from sacks or bags, the insertion points can be reclosed with special labels. You can write on these labels, which will even stick firmly onto soiled surfaces.