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Dynalon Labware News

 Dynalon on the move
   Product Updates
Craft Brewers Conference 2017
TRULY excited to be exhibiting at booth 4112 of the Craft Brewer's Conference 2017 in Washington, DC.

BrewExpo America® runs Tuesday through Thursday at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

2017 Dynalon Sampling Catalog

Dynalon Sampling CatalogPrinted copies of this 36 page sampling segment catalog are on display at current trade shows. 

Contact our customer service to have one mailed on view online PDF.

4/6/17 Dynalon is excited to skip across town to the STANYS-CWS Spring Mini-Conference at St. John Fisher College.
GHS Wash Bottles

Peter will be exhibiting plastic laboratory supplies including the new GHS bottles.

NEW Open Head Poly Drums

Open Head Poly Drums
Open Head Drums are constructed of blue blow-molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV inhibitors.

Available in 14 and 30 Gallon capacities, these drums are ideal for safe storage, handling and transportation of hazardous materials.

Dynalon will be exhibiting plastic laboratory supplies at booth number #1848 of National Science Teachers Association - NSTA National Conference in Los Angeles: March 30–April 2, 2017

2017 NSTA National Conference

Product Replacement Notice: 
#506465-0002 Ethanol Solvent Venting Wash Bottle, 500mL

506495-0002 Ethanol 500mL GHS Wash BottleReplacement Product: Dynalon Product Number 506495-0002, GHS Multi Lingual Venting Wash Bottle, Ethanol 500mL

Eastern Winery ExpositionDynalon will be exhibiting sampling apparatus and plastic laboratory supplies at booth number #989 of the Eastern Winery Exposition in Syracuse New York March 23rd and 24th.

The focus is on Enology, Viticulture, and Money/Management/Marketing with two full day Workshops dedicated to Bottling & Containers, and Fruit Wine, Cider & Mead.

NEW Folding Carboy Spill Stand

NEW Folding Spill Containment StandInnovative new design for a spill containment stand that allows the product to fold out of the way!

Designed for bench-top use with a folding feature to allow access to drawers and other materials below.

NEW Folding Spill Containment StandManufactured of 3/8" High Density Polyethylene, this heavy duty spill tray will hold carboys up to 15" diameter. Custom sizes available upon request.

Proud recipient of the 2016 VWR Education Supplier Gold Award at thisyear's National Sales Meeting!

Thanks to our Operations, IT and Customer Service departments for contributing to this achievement.

2017 Lab Supplies for Life Catalog
Printed copies to start hitting trade shows later this month.

Contact our customer service to have one mailed on view online PDF.

STAT LogoDynalon is proud to sponsor the STEAM Region 19 and TCEA Region 19 monthly dinner in ElPaso, Texas.

STEAM Region 19 dinners are designed to showcase local talent and enlighten attendees about the great things that are happening in our area.

Equipment Clearance on LabX Auctions!
Vortex MixerSelect Afon equipment reduced below our cost to clear overstock situation.

Products include shakers, block heaters, mixers and rollers. Final prices shown on LabX Marketplace.

Trade show season kicks into high gear over the next few months. Check back for specific show dates and locations.

New Plastic Lab SuppliesNew literature is in the works to release at these upcoming shows including new Lab Supply and Sampling catalogs along with sales sheets.

Product Replacement Notice: 
#506465-0001 Acetone Solvent Venting Wash Bottle, 500mL

GHS Acetone Wash BottleReplacement Product: Dynalon Product Number 506495-0001, GHS Multi Lingual Venting Wash Bottle, Acetone 500mL

 1/16/17 GHS Compliant Wash Bottles now include 5 bottle sets in both 250 and 500mL
GHS Wash Bottles
Sets include 1 of each printed bottle as well as the corresponding capacity custom write-on bottle.

Sales Sheet

High Resolution Images:
250mL GHS Wash Bottles
500mL GHS Wash Bottles

NEW GHS Bleach Wash Bottle

GHS Bleach Wash Bottle
• 500mL Capacity
• Multi-lingual wide neck wash bottle
• Opaque white LDPE for light sensitive sodium hypochlorite / bleach
• Features the new Globally Harmonized Symbols, NFPA diamond, risk phrases and safety information


“Hope Smiles from the threshold of the year to come, Whispering 'it will be happier'...” 
― Alfred Tennyson

1/6/17 Venting wash bottle sets all updating to new GHS style bottles.

Minimal price increases, if any at all planned for 2017 on Dynalon labware! Check back for updates in 2017.

  12/6/16 Isopropanol GHS 500mL wash bottle replacing existing 506465-0004 in all future shipments.


Dynalon will be exhibiting plastic laboratory supplies and sampling apparatus at booth number #313 of CAST 2016.

Hosted by the Science Teachers Association of Texas the Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching (CAST) 2016: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants will be held November 10th through 12th at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas.  

  11/1/16  Prices dropped in rationalization of Tapered Beaker Ranges

Discontinued Tapered Beakers
Dynalon Tapered Plastic Beakers |PP & PMP | Printed & Molded

Reason for Discontinuation: Customer demand does not justify minimum manufacturing requirements.

Date: Current. Product will be sold until existing stock is depleted. Prices have been reduced to aid in clearance of stock from our warehouse.

Suggested Replacement Products: 

Molded Beakers
Kartell Griffin Style Beakers 
222045 PMP & 222075 PP Series

Printed Beakers
Azlon Square Ratio Beakers 
522085 PP & 522095 PMP Series

STAO 2016
Science Teacher's Association of Ontario Annual Conference

STAO2016   Connect.  Explore.  Create.
Experience the possibilities.


Spend the weekend with the Dynalon crew in downtown Rochester, NY at the 121st STANYS ANNUAL CONFERENCE from
November 5th to 7 at the Riverside Convention Center.

Love New York, Make New York, Buy New York

Dynalon is proud to be attending the 2016 Made In New York Expo at the Louise Slaughter Hall of Rochester Institute of Technology

This event will bring manufacturers and business people in the Western New York area to display their products, network with other New York Manufacturers and learn how The Business Council can help you.

  10/6/16 NEW DispoTube

Burkle DispoTubeBurkle DispoTube ergonomic handle makes it easier to work and facilitates a good grip even under difficult conditions, for example with gloves.

DispoTube makes all-layer and target point samples possible. Disposable sampler for taking samples of liquids.