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535515-0001 Slide Staining Jar is being discontinued - Dynalon Labware News Release
May 2021

Discontinued 535515-0001 Slide Staining JarAzlon Slide Staining Jar has been discontinued by the manufacturer and there are no suggested replacements available at this time.

 533515 Jar Slide Staining, Polypropylene

Suggested Replacement:

A robust jar holding 10 slides, back to back, which is designed in a squared shape to conserve space and staining solution. With the cap removed the tops of the slides can be handled without touching the solution. The screw cap has a locating recess to support the slides and both body and cap have a molded-in lug to enable them to be wired together for transit. Dimensions: 80 x 33 x 30mm