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DS4/220V DynaStil 4L Water Distillation Unit

DynaStil Economy Water StillAs an economy unit, the DynaStil is ideal for educational institutions, universities, community colleges and secondary schools. Because it is completely transparent, students can also view and learn from the complete distillation process.

• 4 liters of distillate per hour with 1 liter per minute inflow
• Pyrogen free distillate at a temperature of 25 - 40ºC
• Conductivity: 3.0 – 4.0 / jS/cm
• pH:  5.5 – 6.10
• Stand:  powder coated for long and rust free operation; suitable for benchtop or wall mounting
• Cleaning/Drainage: Boiler has a fluoropolymer screw cork for easy draining and cleaning
• Parts: includes screw threaded connectors with tubing for easy assembly
• One self resetting internal thermostat within the Heating Element that protects the unit from overheating
• Warranty: 1 year on Heating Element subject to inspection

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DynaStil Literature 
Quality Construction Well Labeled Completely Transparent Easy Assembly   DynaStil Literature