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Carboy Spill Stands now available in two styles!

Carboy Spill Stand
  Folding Carboy Spill Stand
107364 Carboy Spill Stand and Lab Organizer   107374 Folding Carboy Spill Stand
Made in the USA
Both spill containment stands are manufactured in our Rochester, NY facility and kept in stock for immediate shipment. Custom sizes and materials are available upon request by contacting custom@dyna-labware.com.
Carboy spill containment stand is designed for laboratory carboys or other large containers with spigots. Spill containment tray has a 2.5 gallon capacity with built-in bin for convenient storage of other labware or small accessories. Carboy Spill Stand Literature   Folding Carboy Spill Stand is designed for bench-top use with a folding feature to allow access to drawers and other materials below. Main spill containment tray has a 2 gallon capacity and bottom spill trough will hold up to 1/2 gallon. Folding Carboy Spill Stand Literature 
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