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Erlenmeyer flasks have been improved to a more attractive look with blue closures - Dynalon Labware News Release
July 2022

Vitlab Plastic Erlenmeyer FlasksFar safer than glass flasks for use in incubator shakers due to the break resistance of plastic.

Item numbers:
341465, 341475, 341485, 341495 and 341505 (remain the same as does pricing)

Wider mouth for easier filling with more standard look to range.

Immediate on all sizes with small quantity of previous natural cap style 250mL still shipping.

• Blue Polypropylene closures instead of natural
• All sizes have 45mm thread GL on improved product.
• 341465 flask went from 50mL to 75mL capacity
• 341475 flask went from 100mL to 125mL capacity

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