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Sampling Products

Dynalon Labware fabricates a number of sampling products in our Rochester, NY facility. We both stock and custom fabricate sampling apparatus such as dippers, ladles, scoops and also sampling storage products.

Products at left are components available in our new modular liquid sampling and stirring kit.

Burkle offers a full product line of sampling apparatus in the Sampling Apparatus section of our website.

General Use Plastic Bags

Price: $10.08 to $122.19

Zipper Bags, LDPE

Price: $33.19 to $196.49

Dippers, HDPE

Price: $31.42 to $115.31

Scoop / Ladle, HDPE

Price: $12.38 to $224.19

Sample Cup, PS

Price: $26.20 to $45.33

Sample Cups Storage Modules

Price: $16.97 to $492.42

Sample Cup Storage Unit Acrylic

Price: $92.07 to $1,734.73

Drum Sampler, HDPE

Price: $143.94 to $221.12

Liquid Sampler, HDPE

Price: $143.94 to $221.12

Scoops, Flat Bottom, HDPE

Price: $12.10 to $242.27

Scoop, PTFE

Price: $44.22

Large Scoop, HDPE

Price: $41.19 to $57.24


Price: $111.64 to $335.70