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Universal Bung for OTAL Pumps
The bung has to fit!

Filling with the proven OTAL pumps is particularly easy as the liquid is forced out of the container by the excess air pressure. The liquid flow is steady, without pulsating. However, it is important that the connection between the pump and the container is airtight. This is ensured by the universal bung made of soft PVC.

The universal bung consists of 3 parts, a conical center (1) and 2 conical sleeves (2 and 3) which can be moved up and down the conical center. This means that it is possible to obtain an airtight seal between OTAL pumps and container openings with a diameter of 30 to 70 mm.

Universal Bung for OTAL Pumps
Instructions for use and safety information must be complied with. Protective clothing must be worn.

The telescopic immersion tube adapts itself to the container height on insertion of the foot pump. This ensures good removal of residual liquid and means that the foot pump can be used with different containers.