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Plastic Properties of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
315284 PTFE Heatable Beakers
315284 PTFE Heatable Beakers
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) shows a remarkable chemical resistance and it is insoluble in all known solvents. It is attacked only by molten alkali metals and by fluorine at high temperatures. PTFE is incombustible and may be used up to 260°C (300°C for short periods).

PTFE's coefficient of friction is extremely low and it shows the effect of self lubrication with constant mechanical properties which makes it particularly suitable for bearings, joints, O-rings, stirring bars, hazardous materials bottle pourers, syringes, crucubles, evaporating dishes etc. PTFE may be shaped by compression and sintering into bottles and beakers where its chemical stability and non-wettability make it suitable for use in extreme circumstances.

Custom Quote ButtonDynalab Corp's plastic fabrication shop receives a number of requests for custom PTFE products. Please keep in mind this material can only be machined and often times results in the majority of PTFE being discarded.

Often times there is a more economic plastic that can be used if you are aware of chemicals and temperatures to be in use. If you can't find the product you require on our website please e-mail for a custom quote.

Don't see the answers to your PTFE questions? It must be time to see what Mr. Plastic has to say. Mr. Plastic is a wealth of technical, practical and even some hysterical plastic advice. Please submit your request via e-mail, phone calls will not be accepted.

  PTFE Resistance:
   PTFE Quick Facts:
Excellent resistance (no attack) to Dilute and Concentrated Acids, Alcohols, Aldehydes, Bases, Esters, Aliphatic, Aromatic and Halogenated Hydrocarbons, ketones, Mineral Oils, Vegetable Oils and Oxidizing Agents.
  • Max Temp: 572°F 300°C
• Min Temp: 392°F -200°C
• Autoclavable: Yes
• Melting Point: 626°F 330°C
• Tensile Strength: 6,240 psi
• Hardness: R58
• UV Resistance: Excellent
• Opaque
• Rigid
• Specific Gravity: 2.2
 PTFE Fabrication:    Additional Information:
• A truly amazing material.
• The lowest coefficient of friction of any solid.
• Excellent choice for gaskets, rings, and bearings.
• Can't be easily glued or welded.
• Machines easily when chilled.
• Available in many forms and shapes.
• PTFE is virtually impervious to chemical attack.

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• Physical Properties

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