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Supplying Science and Education Since 1957
Bürkle develops, manufactures and distributes manual sampling systems, filling machines for aggressive liquids and plastic lab equipment. More than 2,000 products are sold worldwide via our trading partners such as Dynalon Labware in the North American market. Bürkle's customers are mainly active in the following industries: the chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, food and luxury food and environmental protection.

Today, Bürkle offers Europe's most comprehensive product line in manual samplers and filling machines. The clear focus must be on safety when bottling aggressive liquids, and on reliable information about quality, properties or composition when sampling. Bürkle products are manufactured exclusively in Germany. The highest quality possible and constant innovation are top priorities for Bürkle.

Ever since 1994, Bürkle has been certified according to DIN/EN ISO 9001 by the Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Managementsystemen (German Agency for the Certification of Management Systems).

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1-36 of 58 items
Safe-it Tamper Proof Labels
Burkle Seal-it Security Seal
SampleSafe Seal Tamper Evident
Close-it Sealing Labels
Burkle All-layer drill Zone Collector Drill Sampler
Burkle Ice Borer Semi-Frozen Sampler

Ice borer

Price: $988.53 to $1,720.54
Burkle BeefSteaker Meat Sampler
Burkle AquaSampler Liquid Sampling


Price: $147.96 to $1,434.08
Burkle DipSampler Liquid Sampling


Price: $162.91 to $195.76
Burkle Liquid-Sampler Liquid Sampling


Price: $677.19 to $911.72
Burkle Liquid Cup Sampler
Burkle LiquiSampler Liquid Sampling


Price: $69.27 to $1,575.94
Burkle Mini Immersion Cylinder Liquid Sampling
Burkle ProfiSampler Industrial Sampling


Price: $64.99 to $1,472.12
Mini ViscoSampler Small Quantity Sampling

Mini ViscoSampler

Price: $147.65 to $1,348.28
Burkle Pigment lance Paste Sampling

Pigment lance

Price: $695.96 to $1,459.14


Price: $203.07 to $326.91
Burkle Valve lance Viscous Sampler

Valve lance

Price: $370.28 to $5,678.94
ViscoSampler Medium Viscosity Sampling


Price: $114.78 to $1,839.95
Close-it Food Sealing Labels
Burkle DispoLadle Liquid Sampling


Price: $242.96 to $414.04
Burkle Plastic Compact Jerrycan
805253-1000 Angled Stopcock
Compact Stopcock
Straight Through Stopcock 3/4
Burkle Splinter-proof Automatic Titrating Burette
Wide Mouth Plastic Jerrycan Carboy
Adjustable Funnel Stand

Funnel Stands

Price: $37.54 to $319.82
Burkle Automatic Titrating Burette
Upside Down Spray Bottle
Sedimentation Funnel Imhoff Cone Stand
Adjustable Pipette Stand

Pipette Stand

Price: $67.56 to $252.47
Burkle Automatic Titrating Burette Spare Parts
Burkle OTAL Foot Pump
Burkle DispoLance Disposable Sampler


Price: $245.07 to $331.57
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1-36 of 58 items