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Supplying Science and Education Since 1957
Dynalon Digital Catalogs available to view and download.
Please e-mail Dynalon for a paper copy by mail.
Dynalon 2017 Full Line Catalog
2019 Dynalon Education Catalog
2019 Dynalon Sampling Catalog

Dynalon Labware Catalog

112 Page Dynalon Full Line Catalog

• Over 50 new line items!
• NEW Carboy Spill Tray
• NEW petri dishes
• New range of Kartell Trays
• Plastic properties and technical information
• Afon® Melting Point Apparatus
• Azlon® plastic beakers, bottles and cylinders
• Afion science equipment
• Close-it Labels
• Clearly marked Made in the USA Lab Supplies
Dynalon Education Products

40 Page Lab Supplies Segment Catalog

• Plastic properties and technical information
• Lab Starter Pack
• Kartell Heavy Wall Carboys
• Afon DS4 Water Still
• Afon DMP100
• Kartell Pails
• Azlon plastic beakers, bottle, flasks, funnels and cylinders
• Sterilin pipettes convenient sized education packs
• Information to request a FREE Science Gift Pack
Dynalon Sampling Catalog
36 Page Sampling Segment Catalog

• Liquid Sampler
• MiniSampler
• ProfiSampler
• ViscoSampler
• LiquiSampler
• AquaSampler
• Close-it Food Labels
• DispoSampler
• QuickPicker
• Zone Sampler
• Tubus & Milky
• Easy Sampler
• MicroSampler
Plastic Tubing Connector Sample Pack Try it before you buy it with our free sample packs!
Request your FREE SAMPLE PACKS by e-mailing the name of the below packs you would like:

• Microcentrifuge Tubes
• Centrifuge Tubes
• PS Cuvettes
• PMMA Cuvettes
• Tubing Connectors
• Disposable Stir Bars
• Vials and Containers
• BenchGuard
• Lipsol Detergent