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Sale Price Azlon Plastic Bottles

HIGH STOCK LEVELS = BIG SAVINGS on quality plastic bottles!!!

Sometimes we get real ambitious and order too much stock OR these plastic bottles have gone temporarily out of fashion! Dynalon Labware supplies Azlon® plastic laboratory bottles in a variety of materials, capacities and packaging configurations. Save money on our overstock plastic bottles.

For more than half a century the Azlon® name has been synonymous with high quality affordable plastic laboratory ware. Leadership in polymer science and many important innovations have combined to make Azlon® one of the most widely known and respected brands in durable plastic labware.

Azlon Overstock Wide Mouth Plastic Bottles
Azlon Narrow Neck Plastic Bottle
Azlon Overstock Narrow Mouth Plastic Bottles 
All Azlon Plastic Bottles  OVERSTOCK NM Bottles