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Plastic Properties Technical Information
 Dynalon® offers technical plastic properties and chemical resistance information for a variety of materials. Dynalon Labware specializes in the fabrication and distribution of plastic lab supplies. Plastic is a material consisting of a wide range of synthetic or semi-synthetic organics that are pliant and can be formed into solid objects of many shapes. 

Plastic lab supplies are safer than traditional glass labware. Due to their relatively low cost and ease of manufacture, plastics are used in an enormous and expanding range of lab supplies from beakers and bottles to flasks and tubes.
Chemical Properties Card
Reference card ready to print!

ABS Plastic Properties
Acetal Plastic Properties Acrylic Plastic Properties HDPE Plastic Properties LDPE Plastic Properties 
ABS Acetal Acrylic HDPE

Nylon Plastic Properties Polycarbonate Plastic Properties Polypropylene Plastic Properties PTFE Plastic Properties  PVC Plastic Properties  
Nylon PC

Chemical Properties A-F  Physical Properties of Plastic Custom Fabrication
Chemical Properties G-Z Use and Care of Plastics Custom Capabilities

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