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PTFE Lab Supplies

Dynalon Labware stocks an extensive range of PTFE labware. PTFE is a high-molecular-weight compound consisting wholly of carbon and fluorine that is best known for it's non-stick component. Combining the non-stick component with a wide temperature range from cryogenic to 206°C makes for highly desirable lab supplies.

PTFE beakers, bottles, dippers, flasks and a wide variety of stirring bars in stock and ready to ship from our Rochester, NY facility. PTFE Labware is attacked only by molten alkali metals and by fluorine at high temperatures.

Chemically Resistant PTFE Beaker

Beakers, PTFE

Price: $13.32 to $1,170.34

Crucible, PTFE

Price: $15.37 to $42.43

Dippers, PTFE

Price: $112.47 to $312.49

Funnel, PTFE

Price: $28.20 to $201.01

Spatula, PTFE

Price: $19.13 to $32.48

Vane Bar, PTFE

Price: $29.13 to $98.90
PTFE Watch Glass Beaker Cover

Bottles, PTFE

Price: $38.56 to $547.73