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Cell Culture Consumables
Dynalon Cell Culture Consumables

Resin complies with the requirements of the USP Class VI Criteria. Validated and tested reference to Pharmaceutical Packaging Material Standard.
• Fully automatic production process. During the production process, the chamber will not contact with human hands.
• Surface treatment improves cell attachment by incorporating significantly more oxygen into the surface of cell culture, rendering it more hydrophilic (wettable) and increasing surface stability.
Cell growth test: 293T, L929, MRC05, V79, Chicken Embryo Cells
The environment compliance with ISO class 7 (10,000 class) requirements
After 90 days accelerated aging test, the productcan still meet the requirements of cell culture.
• Packaging test according to ISO 2248:1985
Carry out irradiation dose verification according to lSO 11137, and ensure product sterility level at SAL 10