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Samplers for viscous substances

Various samplers for flawless sampling of viscous substances with comprehensive accessories. These sampling devices are ideal for viscous substances like pastes, muds, creams and oil.

Burkle Ice Borer Semi-Frozen Sampler

Ice borer

Price: $988.53 to $1,720.54
Mini ViscoSampler Small Quantity Sampling

Mini ViscoSampler

Price: $147.65 to $1,348.28
Burkle Pigment lance Paste Sampling

Pigment lance

Price: $695.96 to $1,459.14


Price: $203.07 to $326.91
Burkle Valve lance Viscous Sampler

Valve lance

Price: $370.28 to $5,678.94
ViscoSampler Medium Viscosity Sampling


Price: $114.78 to $1,839.95