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Kartell Miniature Stopcock Updates - Dynalon Labware News Release
November 2021

Updated color results in a higher quality minature stopcock!
Kartell Miniature Stopcock 22826510mm miniature stopcock (228265) is now supplied with a translucent HDPE body and blue tap.

In the continuing effort to improve the Dynalon Labware product portfolio, we are glad to announce the Kartell miniature stopcock series appearance has been

reviewed and will be changed from a green body to translucent white. To give a more uniform family feeling and a more sober and professional aspect, the decision was made to manufacture all the series with translucent HDPE – main body- keeping the PP tap in the original color.

Product intended use, technical specifications, performances, packaging and pricing remain unchanged.

This product revamping has been the occasion to undertake an accurate molds maintenance which results in an improved manufacturing quality.

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