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MultiCan Barrier Containers 5, 10 & 20L Natural HDPE/EVOH Six-Layer Technology - Dynalon Labware News Release
February 2021

MultiCan Barrier Containers offer a six-layer multilayer technology makes this container a perfect fit for oxygen-sensitive contents and for liquids tending to permeate, such as for example non-polar hydro-carbon compounds. MultiCan Barrier Containers feature an antistatic outer layer.
MultiCan Barrier ContainerMultiCan plastic containers are especially designed for: 
• flavors and fragrances
• alcohol
• paints and coatings
• additives and solvents
• detergents

MultiCan structure results in increased customer benefit:
• The filled medium is only in contact with ultrapure HDPE.
• The characteristics of the customer product remain stable.
• The permeation of the product is efficiently prevented.
• The new lid with integrated barrier makes the whole canister system permeation-resistant.
• Flexible and dimensionally stable transport packaging with UN approval.
• The MultiCan is newly available also with pharma-grade HDPE.
• This canister is in particular suitable for products such as e.g. aromas and fragrances, alcohols, additives, solvents, paints and lacquers, and detergents.

MultiCan Barrier Container Options