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NEW MultiCan® EVOH Barrier Containers

MultiCan® barrier containers offer a six-layer multilayer technology that makes this container a perfect fit for oxygen-sensitive contents and for liquids tending to permeate, such as for example non-polar hydro-carbon compounds.

MultiCans feature an Antistatic outer layer making them dissipative on the outside and suited to be used for flammable liquids of explosion groups IIA and IIB.

MultiCan Sales SheetMultiCan EVOH Barrier Container Custom Colors

MultiCan Barrier Container Benefits:
• The filling medium only has contact with food certified HDPE
• The characteristics of your products remains stable
• The permeation of your liquids will be prevented effectively
• Produced according to BRC Standard
• Flexible and inherently stable transport packaging with UN certification

MultiCan plastic containers feature multilayer EVOH technology and are stocked in a natural color 5, 10 and 20L capacities at our Rochester, NY facility. Additional sizes and colors of MultiCan® Barrier Containers are available in capacities from 3 to 30 Liters upon request.

 5L MultiCan 10L MultiCan   20L MultiCan
 MultiCan Barrier Container 5L  MultiCan Barrier Container 10L  MultiCan Barrier Container 20L
UN 3H1/Y1.4/150
when used with included
45/61 TE Closure
UN 3H1/Y1.8/150
when used with included
45/61 TE Closure
UN 3H1/Y1.9/150
when used with included
45/61 TE Closure