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MultiCan Barrier Container Sales Literature - Dynalon Labware News Release
July 2021

MultiCan Barrier Container Sales SheetMultiCan® barrier containers feature a six-layer structure – one of which is an all-round EVOH barrier layer. 

MultiCan Sales Sheet

Order MultiCan EVOH Bzrrier Containers Online

MultiCan® plastic containers are especially designed for: 
• flavors and fragrances
• alcohol
• paints and coatings
• additives and solvents
• detergents

MultiCan EVOH Jerry Cans have 3H1 UN ratings when used with the supplied 45/61 black HDPE tamper evident closure. All MultiCans are also supplied with a regular DIN61 cap. Materials used to manufacture MultiCans comply with the respective international rules and regulations for suitability of foods (recommendatio BgVV and/or FDA).

Embossings on the produdct include manufacturer, Lot-Number, production date, item, UN-registration-Number, recycling sign "7", food sign and blind sign. Additional sizes and colors of MultiCan® Barrier Containers are available in capacities from 3 to 30 Liters upon request.