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Paddlewheel Flow Indicator Specification Update - Dynalon Labware News Release
August 2020

Kartell Paddlewheel Flow IndicatorKartell Labware plastic paddlewheel flow indicator connects
 tubing from 6 to 11mm in diameter. Previous details stated 10 to 14mm but the manufacturer has confirmed the smaller dimensions. 

Flow and the revolutions of the paddle wheel are proportional to each other. Therefore the spin of the paddle wheel with the force from the flowing fluid makes it possible to measure the rate of this flow from the number of revolutions.

This SAN, bright red paddlewheel flow meter indicates liquid or gas flow from 5 ml/sec to 95 ml/sec. The clear outer case allows for unobstructed view of the wheel which spins freely with flow. Plastic paddlewheel flow indicator is not for use with corrosive fluids or temperature over (185°F) 85°C. Can be used to connect tubing I.D. of 1/4” to 7/16” (6 - 11 mm) I.D.