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Replacement Polypropylene spigot for Azlon autoclavable Polypropylene Carboys (505634 Series). Features removable tube fitting for added convenience. Durable and leak-proof heavy-duty spigot with boss fitting for extra strength.

This PP spigot consists of two parts, an ON/OFF TAB with screw and housing with integrated silicone gasket. The housing screws onto the boss of the carboy. Engage the thread a few turns and then push down on the spigot to seat the gasket over the boss. Then tighten the threads while continuing to apply pressure down on the spigot. This should result in a tight leakproof fit.
For cleaning and autoclaving the polypropylene spigot, the ON/OFF TAB will unscrew from the housing. In the ON position, just lift and push the TAB counterclockwise up and over the white stop on the housing. It will unscrew completely when turned 180 degrees. Reverse the process for reassembly. Cleaning is important as sediments may eventually build up. Autoclave as needed.
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