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This unique 6 Gallon transparent Carboy Bottle is made of pure food grade PET resin and offers reduced gas permeability. Molded graduations mark the 5 and 6 gallon levels. The product is taste and odor free and stain resistant. The excellent gas barrier properties help prevent oxidation and spoilage. For the storage and dispensing of aqueous solutions and for fermentation of yeast, bacteria and other microorganisms. A wide 4" mouth allows easy access for cleaning and sanitizing. As there are only smooth sides, no yeast or sediment will adhere to the carboy walls if used for fermentation.

Supplied with one EPDM o-ring for additional closure security, 2 polypropylene closures, one solid and one with a hole (4.3cm/1.7") that will take the #10 stopper that is also included. The stopper includes a hole for a 3 piece fermentation lock, not currently supplied. Each of the included parts are available as accessories. Also available as 6 gallon PET Carboy with Spigot.

405564 -006B -006L 
Diameter inches (mm) 11 (280) 11 (280)
Height inches (mm) 19.2 (490) 19.2 (490)
Capacity gallons (L) 6.3 (24) 6.3 (24) 
405564 PET Carboy Series Sales Sheet 
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