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Burkle QuickPicker Bulk Goods Sampler

QuickPicker - quick sample collection and transfer

• Insertion depth 30 cm, diameter 25 mm
• Made of stainless steel (1.4404) approved for use with foodstuffs or PP transparent for aggressive chemicals, scratchproof, sterilisable, cost-effective
• Removable tip, easy cleaning
• Additional sampling bottles made of PE or PP available as accessories

The core sampler QuickPicker is particularly suitable in the event that bulk goods are taken directly from sacks or bags and have to be filled into the original sampling bottle directly. QuickPicker is uncomplicated in its use and cleaning. No undercuts or edges mean no sample residues which could falsify subsequent samples. It is therefore ideal for quality control.

The sampler QuickPicker is delivered complete with two 250 ml PE sample bottles and with a cleaning brush.

Corresponds to ISTA standard for seed lengths of 10 mm (wheat, oats) and 5 mm (flax, vetches).

5322  -1300 -0300
Tube material AISI 316 SS PP translucent
Insertion length cm 30 30
Total length cm 50 50
Capacity mL 75 75


Sample Bottles 0318-0250 0319-0250
Material LDPE translucent PP translucent
Capacity mL 250 250
Pack Quantity 20 10
Accessories 5304-0060 3600-3000
Description  Cleaning brush
Transport case

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