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Flat Surface Partition Plastic Shields - Dynalon Labware News Release
September 2020

Safety aerosol protection on any round, square or rectangular surface! At least 4 isolated areas with a single shield. Combine multiple shields to partition larger tables for conference rooms, libraries and the such. Clear safety partition shields create a safe space for employees, students and business clients.

Table Divider Shields
Clear 1/4" thick acrylic partition walls that interlock and are portable for use on any flat surface. Plastic shields offer aerosol protection in conference rooms, cafeterias, libraries, breakrooms, classrooms, etc...

Portable plastic panels can be combined to accomodate virtually any space and custom sizes are available upon request. Assembled clear partition dividers are sturdy, lightweight and easy to move to any space where safe face-to-face interaction is necessary.

Plastic divider shields are easy to assemble without any tools necessary! Measure your required safety space and order one - or more - of our four standard sizes (ships flat). Remove plastic panels from the sturdy packaing and simply slide one piece over the other by lining up the slotted spaces top to bottom. Plastic table divider assembles in seconds.

Table Partition Shield Options