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Dura-Cross™ Zebra Fish Breeding Tank

Dura-Cross™ Zebra Fish Breeding Tank
Dynalon’s Dura-Cross™ tank is ideal for the breeding of Zebra Fish (Danio rerio).

Manufactured from transparent and autoclavable food grade polycarbonate (PC), this zebrafish breeding tank is fully impact resistant and will not chip or break.

The Dura-Cross zebrafish tank consists of a tapered tank body, a slotted insert and lid, and is stackable to save space.

Dura-Cross easily and effectively optimizes the breeding of zebra fish. 

Minimum order quantities apply. Please contact Customer Service for further information.

Features and accessories include:
• Manufactured from food grade polycarbonate - virtually indestructible thereby minimizing replacement costs. Glass clear for maximum viewing of fish and eggs.
• Unique slotted insert ensures eggs are separated from adults, maximizing yield; the removable insert allows adult fish to be quickly and safely returned to the main habitat tank.
• Molded lid keeps the tank and fish environment clean and is designed for easy stacking. Two 1/4” holes are able to take air tubing.
• Optional Dividers made of PC are available in diagonal and straight formats to keep males and females separate as required.
• Optional Carrying Tray made of PC allows for safe transport of tanks; tray holds 5 tanks in a single layer or 10 tanks stacked.
• Tanks and accessories are dishwasher safe and autoclavable, allowing for easy cleaning.
• Tank dimensions: 8” x 4” x 3” (20.3 x 10.2 x 7.6cm)Zebra Tank Carrier

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Zebra Fish Tank Complete -0000
Tank Divider - Horizontal
Tank Divider - Diagonal
Zebra Tank Carrier

Zebra Fish Breeding Tank - Straight Divider

Dura-Cross™ Zebra Fish Breeding Tank   Zebra Fish Breeding Tank - Diagonal Divider
Zebra Fish Tank - Straight Divider
Dura-Cross™ Zebra Fish Breeding Tank  Zebra Fish Tank - Diagonal Divider