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Samplers for Bulk Goods and Powders
Samplers for bulk goods and powders

Bulk goods sampling devices for taking samples from sacks, bags, silos or Big-Bags with powdery to bulk granular materials.

Zone samplers, samplers, core samplers, lances, silo samplers, pharma samplers to take samples from sacks, silos, bags, etc for analysis, suitable for powder or granules.

Zone Sampler Video


Price: $203.07 to $326.91
Burkle All-layer-sampler


Price: $688.03 to $2,831.99
Burkle Jumbo Sampler Zone Sampler

Jumbo Sampler

Price: $1,521.27 to $3,737.15
Burkle Multi-sampler Zone Sampler


Price: $782.55 to $3,018.74
Burkle Uno-sampler Zone Sampler


Price: $1,514.70 to $2,483.09
Burkle Zone sampler Spiralus


Price: $1,540.66 to $2,068.37
Burkle All-layer Scratcher

All-layer Scratcher

Price: $148.11 to $2,273.75
Burkle EasySampler Bulk Sampling
Burkle Milky Sampling Lance
Tubus Bulk Goods Sampler


Price: $414.86 to $540.53
Burkle MicroSampler Powder Sampling


Price: $249.64 to $1,242.76
Burkle QuickPicker Bulk Goods Sampler


Price: $102.72 to $765.29
Zone Sampler Emptying Device
Cleaning Brushes PVC Stainless Steel Brushes

Cleaning Brushes

Price: $148.11 to $331.18