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MultiCan Barrier Container EVOH
NEW Plastic Lab Supplies, Science Equipment and Sampling Apparatus from Dynalon Labware

Dynalon Labware introduces NEW plastic lab supplies, science equipment and sampling apparatus throughout the year. MultiCan® Barrier Containers feature a six-layer structure – of which one is an all-round barrier layer. This packaging solution has between the inner layer in contact with the product and the outer layer, which can even be conductive for the MultiCan Atex version, an EVOH barrier layer, a reclaim layer and two layers with a bonding agent.

SLIDE Foamaction™ aerosol is a foaming water-based spray that effectively removes oil and dirt marks from all plastics, even sensitive acrylic and polycarbonates. SLIDE foaming aerosol keeps sclear plastics such as acrylic and polycarbonate from fogging or crazing which is common with many cleaners in the market.