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Burkle ProfiSampler Industrial Sampling

ProfiSampler Polypropylene

• Three feet guarantee that the ProfiSampler stands safely
• Fill level control, automatic return flow and overfill protection through built-in venting valve
• Available with suction hose in PE, PA and PTFE wherever the highest degree of purity is required
• Can be supplied with straight suction tubes for simpler sampling, incl. transport case for tidy transport and disposal of the suction tubes
• Suction volume 200 ml, suction pressure 0.5 bar
• Suction height from liquid surface 5 m WS
• Sample bottles available in different materials and sizes

While the MiniSampler is designed for laboratory use, the ProfiSampler has been specially developed for rough industrial use.

Sampling liquids in barrels, tanks, lorries, railway goods wagons, ships, water courses, ground water, etc.

Vacuum samplers have the advantage that the sample liquid only comes into contact with the suction hose and the original sample bottle. The possibility of cross-contamination is greatly reduced. Immediately after taking the sample, the bottles are sealed. The disposable suction hose can quickly be replaced. This guarantees that the samples are always authentic. If necessary, a new hose can be used for every single sample.

Due to its small diameter (8 mm), the hose can reach narrow, seemingly inaccessible sampling areas.

The ProfiSampler can be extended with useful accessories developed in practice.

ProfiSampler PP for general samples, for weak acids, alkalis, detergents, chemical baths. Made of solid, chemical resistant Polypopylene.

ProfiSampler PP, consisting of: Vacuum pump, made of solid PP, with feet, venting valve and bottle thread GL 45, 1 PP bottle 250 ml, 10 m PE suction hose (roll), 1 hose cutter, 1 stainless steel hose weight made of V2A (1.4301), 20 seal-it bottle seals.

Attention! Make sure to pay attention to the “List of Chemical Resistance“!

Suction Tubing on Roll and Sampling Bottles
Part Number
8878-0608 8805-0608 8804-0608 0319-0250
Suction Tubing/Roll
Suction Tubing/Roll
Suction Tubing/Roll
Sampling Bottle
Material PE PE
Length 6x8mm x 100m 6x8mm x 10m 6x8mm x 5m 250mL GL 40 Cap

Suction Tubes, Straight
5305 -1022 -1029
Material PE translucent Transport case for straight suction tubes
Length cm 200  


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